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Every author dreams that one day their books will go viral. It is the ultimate accolade of success. Having a book go viral tops getting published or even making the ever growing number of best seller lists. It is the elusive dream for the majority of authors, yet with the right foundation and approach to marketing the dream is more achievable than it ever has been.


As authors we all know the amazing sense of achievement that comes with publishing our first book and for a while we find ourselves basking in the ‘twilight zone’ of being a published author. Then comes that rude awakening when we find our book sales are nowhere near our expectations.


Fortunately there is much we can do to meet our dreams, but above all else we have to be visible and today that means a powerful social media presence combined with publishing knowledge that is always ahead of the curve. It simply isn’t enough to have a great book if your potential readers have never heard of it.


At BookViral we focus our energy on discovering new authors and those you may not have yet heard off, because this is where we excel and we are passionate about the books that shape the minds of readers across the world.


Our spotlight reviews are attracting thousands of new readers everyday and if you have written book that  deserves the best in promotion we want to hear from you.

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Let’s be honest, publishing is an incredibly tough business to be in. Novels are by their very nature highly subjective, what appeals to one reader certainly won’t appeal to another and that’s before they wade through the avalanche of self-published books being released on a daily basis. Few authors would disagree that it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for readers to separate the wheat from the chaff, which in turn makes it harder for authors to build a substantial following. The debate continues to rage as to what the ultimate impact of eBooks will be on the publishing industry, but here at Book Viral we do like to speculate.


There seems to be a weight of opinion that by the end of this decade self-published eBooks will account for 50 percent of the eBook market. If you were given to gambling, you might like the odds, but is our love affair with eBooks and self-publishing really here to stay? Trends change and if history has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is written in stone. Major players such as Amazon have a vested interest in convincing us that eBooks are the future, but then again it was a popular belief that home video would kill the cinema................... Read the full Blog post by clicking HERE

The Latest BookViral Blog Post - The future for eBooks

Family Secrets - Donna  M Zadunajsky


Dead Men’s Tales takes some beating, with C. B. Ash creating a world beyond the familiar where curiosities and steam powered marvels  ensnare the imagination from the very first page!

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